IMPERFECT WORLD released June 1, 2018! Seventeen-year-old Trina lives in an America similar to ours, yet horribly and fundamentally different. Freedom is an illusion and her life doesn’t belong to her. When Trina doesn’t die in the ore mines, she wakes up with strange abilities and with a handsome ally she might be falling in love with. Will she have what it takes to rescue those they both care about and shake this world awake from their blind surrender?

IMPERFECT REBELLION release date October 10, 2018. Trina has managed to shake the world awake from it’s blind surrender, but making it better will take time, battles, loss of lives she hadn’t been counting on. Trina, Kyle, and their misfit band of refugees with superhuman abilities form the backbone of the rebellion, and the most hated people of America for no fault of their own. When the secret organization who steals people’s abilities to sell to the highest bidder proves to be too strong for Trina’s people, a new player arrives on the scene, Marie. But will she provide the missing key to defeat the organization, or will she lead her group straight back into the arms of those who kept the country enslaved for the last hundred years?

SAPPHIRE UNVEILED release date January 1, 2019. Miss Sapphire Claridge is on the cusp of becoming a grown woman in an era where automatons and women alike are considered property. But when her father is murdered, Sapphire must either become a slave with her mother and sisters or pretend to be her dead twin brother returned to inherit the great Claridge Park and hunt down her father’s killer. In her mind, there really is no choice, but when her heart becomes entangled with a man who has no idea she’s a woman, and her father’s killer finally comes for her, can she keep her cover and save her family without losing her own life in the process?

Queen of Mages release date to be announced. Aloria’s only goals in life are to fit in, stay with her family, and finish high school, but being the last remaining greater mage of her bloodline means keeping this truth secret could actually kill her. America has fast cars, drive through meals, cell phones, and lesser mages who in their finest moment can make a pencil disappear, or add bubbles to a juice box. If anyone discovered the extent of Aloria’s power, she’d end up on the first ship across the sea to Medieval Europe’s finest dungeon. But with this power growing inside her, slowly killing her for not releasing it, she escapes to her woods to release it. But when she goes against her father’s wishes and rescues a strange man from a spell, the Dark Mage senses the great shift of power in the air and sends her best to retrieve her. Forced to run or surrender to becoming the Dark Mage’s puppet, she runs with the immortal man she set free, Rykun. He offers to train her to fight back, and she agrees, but only to protect her family. He wants her to go to Europe and set his world free. And become their new queen. She’s not interested, but when the Dark Mage takes her family, she may not have a choice but to go save them and face the evil queen, even if there’s a high chance she’ll die in the attempt.

Adamantine release date currently unknown (but a personal favorite). Alex Wolfe watched from two feet away as his commanding officer swiftly murdered his best friend. Revenge might not be enough, not when the surviving ten percent of the population is beginning to transform into giant, rabid wolves only interested in eating people. He’s forced to stay close to his enemy when Colonel Tanner commissions him to retrieve the Commander’s stolen cure as well as to find his daughter, Justice Tanner…. Justice is an average sixteen-year-old farm girl. Until almost everything she loves is destroyed. But Justice is a survivor, even if most of the world has been decimated by WWIII. But the new world order under the Commander is worse than even the one ravaged by war, and she’s falling hopelessly in love with the Commander’s right hand man, Alex. But Justice is terrible at following rules created by dictators, and when she learns there’s a cure to the mutations happening outside their city, she’ll do almost anything to get them away from the Commander so she can leave the city and find her father.