Imperfect World

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“I live in the perfect society. Because we have rules. Because of the steep punishments for breaking those rules. Because of this, our country has no crime. Or so I thought.”

Trina Auburn has lived seventeen years blinded by the illusion of safety provided by the Keepers who rule America, until those she trusts most send her to be executed for a crime she didn’t commit. But the corruption doesn’t stop there.

Outside public knowledge, the Keepers have been transferring countless teens to the hidden slave mines and forcing them harvest the iridescent green ore. Trina is one of them. This ore is anything but normal.

To touch it is to die—or to be forever changed. When Trina touches it and gains the most coveted superhuman abilities, she’s destined to become a lab rat, unless the most unlikely person can help her escape. A drop-dead gorgeous guard has watched over her from the beginning, but her hope in his aid dissolves when she learns Kyle is as much a prisoner of the system as she is. Even if they could flee, escape would only be the beginning.

One girl with a tenuous hold on her superpower.

One boy with a steel resolve to save the innocent.

Will it be enough?

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