Imperfect Rebellion


Daughter of the Keeper. Princess of rebels. Survivor of a massacre.

The Officials annihilate all but two refugees from ore mines including Marie’s rebel father, who’s been savior to them all. Lost and trapped in a world that shuns her from both political camps, those for and those against Keepers, Marie must choose a side. The Keepers who she just beginning to learn are all corrupt except for herself? Or Blake’s band of misfits with superpowers who haven’t decided whether to trust her yet.

Blake, the enigmatic boy with unknown abilities, is the only other survivor, and so far, he’s the only one to stand by Marie, no matter what happens. Marie is put to the ultimate test when the two young leaders of the rebellion, Trina and Kyle, are taken against their will for the creation of the most powerful serum yet. Will Marie risk everything to save them, or will she follow her intended path to become the Keeper to change the country?